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DL-96 II

DL-96 II used to identify microbes as "species"and even "Subspecies " and deferment its MIC to different antibodies. It contains a set of defection device & embedded control device.DL 96 II defeclt & analyzer the specimen in test card by colorimerty & Turbidometry and automatically generates the results of bactenalspecies and antimicrobial MIC qauntitative analysis.


Microbial ID/AST Card Features
  • Test Principle : Colorimetry for identification.
  • Turbidimetry for susceptibility testing
  • DL IST Card can identify microbes as "Species" and even "Subspecies" Totally near to 500 kinds of routing microbes

  • DL IST Card covers nearly 200 types of antibiotics with multi-level concentration
Microbial ID/AST System Features
  • DL-96II database is updated with the latest CLSI
  • According to CLSI regulation , antibiotics treatment are divided into A/B/C/U group to report MIC & S.I.R results.
  • LIS/HIS and WHONET support
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